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Submitted on
November 26, 2013
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'Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath in- Wait, did I just breath in twice?' Blinking into the deep abyss of darkness, your head slunk down further under the blanket. Hearing the creak of the wood from the ship settle against the water, rattled the back of you mind, causing you to imagine things that it wasn't. And being so dark in the Merry at night didn't really help matters, for you hated the dark with a burning passion. Maybe it had something that was etched into your mind as a child from stories, maybe it had something to do with actual experiences, you weren't sure- you just knew you wouldn't get to sleep. Letting out a shaky sigh, you weighed your options on how to deal with this; you could try and fight through the night, not sleeping at all or maybe.. just maybe.. you could- no, that would just be embarrassing! Just the thought of it made you want to slink further under your blanket and further you went! 

Another creak, a jerk movement, the sound of a crack. Your eyes widened and a sweat rolled down your face, opposite cheek buried into the worn pillow. A shivered racked down your spine as you felt a presence behind you, and you couldn't stop the shivering of your vulnerable body that followed. Another creak, louder, right behind you, head side. Clenching your teeth and your eyes shut, you shook harder, clutching the inside of your blanket until your bare knuckles turned white. What could you do? You couldn't scream, what if it was just your imagination and you ended up waking everyone up!? But what if someone really was behind you..? That is, until something made your bed dip in, and something small and hard, gently touched your shoulder. Your first re-action was to freeze, all breathing stopped and your world froze as fear set in. Should you scream? Should you attack? Should you- "(F-first Name)?"

Your eyes rolled into the back of your head and you let out a long sigh of relief. Letting the grip on your blanket loosen, you smiled slightly. It's only Chopper. But as happy as you now were, something gnawed at your mind. What was he doing in here? This late at night? Pushing the blanket off you, only by a bit, to allow you to turn over and face him, you did so. Blinking you eyes multiple times, your tried your best to adjust and see in front of you and when you did, the sight in front of you made you want to melt. There sat the little blue nosed reindeer, looking down at the floor and nervously twiddling his hoofs as if he were embarrassed. Putting your hands under you side, you applied pressure and pushed yourself into a sitting position, causing him to shift slightly and look up at you. Rubbing your eye, you smiled as brightly as you could towards the little guy, but that only seemed to make him more uncomfortable. He turned his head back towards the floor and let out a small noise. "Chopper, what's wrong, dear?" You whispered to him, bringing your hand up to touch his small shoulder.

Jerking at the feel of your touch, he could feel his little face burn and his eyes widened. Dear? He couldn't deny the fact that he loved the words you used when you spoke to him, and for some reason it made him feel special because you only used them on him. You were always so kind to him, never judging him or anything negative. You seemed to understand him. So why did he feel this way about coming to you with this? Clenching and un-clenching his little fists, he burned holes into the floor and he could feel your worried stare on the back of his head, for he had yet to answer you. Making a noise, showing he wasn't sure, he mentally slapped himself for even believe you would laugh at him. Turning his head to the side enough to see you, he opened his mouth and paused trying to word his question right. For some reason he felt so dumb doing this, but he knew you had trouble sleeping so maybe.. this could benefit you both? "Um.." He shifted around on the bed, bringing his front to face yours and was glad you couldn't see his face. "I-I was wondering.." He swallowed hard, once again twiddling his hoofs. Nervously glancing around at the dark, he took a deep breath and decided to come out with it. "C-can you.. sing me to sleep..?"

Blinking once, twice, you just stared down at the little guy. Sing? That's what he came in here for? Scared the living hell out of you for? Although, you couldn't exactly get mad at him; he obviously came to you in the dead of the night because he either couldn't sleep or was scared of the dark, much like you. Smiling brightly, your head shook vigorously. Suddenly, a small idea came to your head, nothing vulgar of course, no, no.. just a small idea that would seem as fluffy as the little doctor in front of you. "Of course, hon.." Seeing the smile that crossed his lips caused you to widen. You almost felt bad about what you were going to pull. Lifting up a hand, you held up a single finger, pausing his movements as he started to adjust himself. "Only on one condition.." Silence, and a blink to continue speaking was what you received in return. Giggling a bit, your hand came down and rested on his furry cheek, rubbing your thumb on it. Though this request was a little.. odd, you didn't feel the least ashamed with asking for it. "You have to be my Pillow Pet for the night."

His eyes widened and his cheeks burned, burned hotter then they did moments ago and he nodded. Little did you know, if he could, he'd be your Pillow Pet this night and every night on.

Well, this was so sweet I think I almost barfed I lost a tooth. 
I came up with idea talking to someone in my comments on another story. She mentioned Pillow pets to me, I thought of the story...
THANK THIS FINE YOUNG, LASS: :icontinybirdgames:
She gave my brain the babies... pvp
As fucked up as that sounds...


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