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October 15, 2013
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How could you of let this happen?

How could this have happened?

All the doors were locked, the windows were shut. There was just no possible way. How could your little sister have left the house? She wasn't even tall enough to try and unlock the doors! You noticed she was missing when she didn't wake you up to make her snack. You at first thought nothing of it, until around Three in the morning. She always asks you for something. So of course, you went into her room to check on her. You never thought you come across what you saw. Her bed was empty and her bedroom window was open. You felt like you dead inside when you saw that, but you still managed to run over, lean out the window and hesitantly look towards the ground. You had let out a sigh of relief when you didn't see her body down there. But then that had only lead to freaking you out more. If she wasn't there, where could she be? That's when you proceeded to tearing the house apart looking for her. You dug through the attic, every bedroom, bathroom, closet. You flipped over the couch, looked in the cupboards. You even went through the basement. You had looked everywhere- No.

There was still one place.

Where He lived.

You had to go. You just had to, no matter how much you didn't want to. You couldn't let her die. And if she did, you weren't going to let her die alone. And that's how you ended up here, walking around the woods with a flashlight, calling out for your littler sister. He might have found you before you found her. But at least you'd be a distraction and she might have a chance of getting away. "(S/N)!?" You called out, shakily as you walked through the forest. You flash light shinning everywhere around you, with your head following right behind it's lead. Inside you were dead scared and tired. By now you had figured he had probably taken her, but you couldn't figure out why! She never showed any signs of the sickness, there were never signs of him following her, she never even talked about seeing him or anyone strange!  You stopped walking, about what you assumed to be half-way through the woods. You took in a big breath and yelled out for your sister again, hoping maybe she would hear you and come running. Plus, you really didn't wanna go any farther in than this.

When you didn't hear her call back, you could feel tears well up in your eyes as you started walking again.  You felt chills rack through your body as you continued the look around. It all just seemed to taunt you. The wind, the trees, even the moon seemed to be laughing at you. Though while you were walking, you couldn't help but think beautiful of the way the branches looked like they were dancing around the moons and its rays. But, this was His forest. Nothing should seem beautiful about it at all! That bastard took your little sister. You shook your head as you continued to walk through the woods, you're flash light still shinning brightly as you looked around. Your legs were getting heavy and your eyes started to flutter. But you shook it off. You were only tired. "(S/N)! Please, come out! I don't like this game!"  You stopped as you heard something off in the distance. For a moment your mind wondered if it was Him and he was following you. But you shook it off and continued your search.  The wind continued to blow and nip at your nose. You clutched your thin sweater closer to you as you looked around. Your hand started to shake, causing the light to wave with it. No, you weren't shaking just because you were scared. Scratch that. Terrified. You were also tired. So tired you felt like you could just fall asleep right there. It was Three in the morning and you were out in the damned fall weather, looking for your taken sister. But the thought of Him taking her, just fueled you to continue. You were going to get your sister back, no matter what. "Please, come out! I don't like this game! It's not fun!"

"What game? Oh! We're playing a game!?" You let out a big sigh of relief as her cheerful, carefree voice broke out through the air at you. But you tensed up severely at her next words. "Do you hear that Mister? We're going to play a game!" You quickly turned and took in a sharp breath as his faceless face stared back into yours. His long, slender body stood, unshivering from the cold air of the night. His long fingers, wrapped around the small chubby hand of your little sister. The flash light in your hand started to flicker until it went out and the only thing left to allow you to see was the moon and stars. That.. face. That horrible, empty, lying face. You never thought you'd see it again, you never wanted to see it again. And now here you were, staring straight at it as he stood only a few feet from you, holding onto to your little sister.


His grip on the little girls hand, tightened a bit as he stared at you. You certainly have grown since the last time he had seen you. Taller, thinner, more beautiful. But, you only were just a little tyke then, so young and naive. Ready to believe anything anyone told you. So trusting, even to him. But that was a long time wasn't it? He watched as you held your hand out to (S/N) and called out to her, "Come here, (S/N). I-.. I wanna go back inside, I'm tired and.. and it's cold.." Ahh, so you were nervous? For you? For her? He knew, you knew, he wouldn't kill you. Or had you forgotten that? 

He looked down at the little girl as she spoke to you in a scolding fashion, like you do to her. "But, (Y/N), we should invite Mister in too. Like you said, it's cold right?" She smiled up at him and he felt something warm spread through him. Something he had felt when he was around you. Of course this did not surprise the being for the young girl looks remarkably like you had when you were her age. But now, when he looked at you he felt something more powerful surge through him and as he may not know what it is, he knew it needed to be taken care of. 

Taking in a deep breath, you straightened your back, and harshly threw your arm out as far as it would stretch. You had to be strong, you couldn't show weakness, not now, not in front of him. Clearing your throat, trying to make it unwavering, you spoke again. "(S/N).." You looked from him to your sister and back to him, taking a small step closer. "I'm sure he has his own home he can go back too.." Still staring at him, you felt your self relax for some reason, as if you felt.. comfortable with him being around. Quickly shaking it off your stare went harsh as it went back to your sister.

A frown appeared on her face as her grip on his hand loosened. She knew she had to listen to you when your parents weren't home, and they would probably tell her the same thing. Looking up at him, she felt tears well up in her small eyes. Why didn't you like him? She did, he was so nice and he even had tons of toys for her to play with! Maybe he was a stranger, but he was a really nice one! With a small sigh and a nod of the head, he hand slipped out of his. "Bye, bye mister.." She gave him a halfhearted wave before she turned and walk over to you. Quickly bending down, you lifted her up, clinging her close to you. After having her so close to being taken away, you weren't sure you were ever letting her out of your sight again. With one last hard look at the non-moving being, you weren't sure why a pang of sadness hit you as you turned to leave.. he obviously never felt one. Speed walking away, you felt your sister move her arm a bit and assumed she was waving goodbye to him. If only. A few moments of silence pasted and you could just see the edge of the woods, when she decided to speak up. "I dunno why you don't like him, sissy, he's really nice..."

"You shouldn't go anywhere with strangers, you shouldn't even talk to them!" Was your harsh reply as you past the border over into your yard and avoided her comment. A small whimper came from her and you instantly felt bad for being to hard on her. But she needed to learn! She needed to understand she couldn't just go off with people she didn't know.. Especially people like that. Approaching the door, you set her down and took her hand, seeing she was to big to be carried for so long. You bent down so you eye level with her. "I'm sorry I was rough, but please, don't ever do that to me again! I was so worried about you.." With a small cry she threw her arms around your neck and spewed out cute, sweet apologies. You inwardly snorted at how worked up and over-dramatic she can get, then you visibly flinched at where she probably got it from. You. Rolling your eyes you stood up, reached out, turned the knob, pushed it open and went back to bed, sort of.

~Small Time Skip~

Jerking back forward again, your grip tightened on your baseball bat. With drowsy eyes, you scanned up and down the hallway, then you peeked inside your sisters room. Everything was still intact, she was still asleep.. the dresser was still pushed against her window, the chair was still pushed under her closet know. No one! And you meant absolutely no one was going to get back into your house tonight! “You look wary tired..” With a loud scream you jumped up and swung your bat in the direction of the voice, until a long tentacle wrapped around it and your mouth, silencing your scream. The intruders head turned, looking into your sisters bedroom before looking back your way.  In a harsh whisper he spoke, “Be more quiet! You'll vake her.. you alvays vere a loud one..” Feeling a bit of fear run through you, was completely run over by anger. Squinting your eyes, you started kicking, punching with your free hand and screaming.. even if it was muffled. Finally after a moment, you grew more tired then you already were and gave up the screaming. Even though you couldn't see his face, you could tell by the sound of his voice he was a bit ticked by your actions. “Are you quiet done yet?”

Your crossed your arms and felt your heart beat rapidly in your chest as you stood staring at him. Your eyes trailed off to the side, instantly finding the paint on the walls more interesting than him. Taking that as a 'yes' his tendrils slid themselves from your mouth and bat. Not wanting to look at him, as you were disgusted by his presence, you pointed at where you thought the front door would be and spoke. “Get out..” You could see his head silently tilt the side, asking you to speak louder. Finally turning to face him, you stomped your foot and spoke again, only louder. “I said 'get out'! And leave my little sister alone, asshole!” For some reason you felt bad along with the pride you got when you called him that.

You flinched as his back straightened and his tendrils twitched, as he stepped closer to you. Not letting go of the bat, you took a step back with every his forward, until you were pressed against the wall, shivering and shaking from fear.  Feeling a drop of sweat roll down your forehead, his face came mere inched from yours and you couldn't help not looking away from where his eyes would be. Your breathing became ragged and your palms became sweaty, causing you to almost loose your grip on the bat when his hand raised and rested right beside your head on the wall. He could feel your breath splash across his face and a sense of dominance as the bat fell to the floor with a loud noise. He towered himself taller over you, still keeping his face inches from yours as your eyes slid down to the floor. The feeling he had gotten in the woods was only growing stronger and he was only doing what felt right.. and oh, how right this felt. “First: you try to injure me with a bat, then you would demand me to leave? Zis is hov you treat old friends? I'm wery disappointed in you.. (First Name)..”

You honestly couldn't help feel shivers run down your spine at the way he said your name, how husky it sounded and the fact it always sounded like a thousand voices at once made it more- No! What were you thinking!? This was him! He betrayed you! Left you, wasn't there for you when you needed him.. Inhaling a large breath, and trying your best to find your voice to speak you said, “Y-you're.. not.. my friend..” Cocking his head to the side, his ear came closer to your mouth,  in what you thought a mocking way because you were so nervous. “You're not my friend!” His head drew back and he stared at you in what you would think was shock. You just wished you could see his face to know. Curling your hand into fists, you finally spilled out what had been your heart for years. “You left me! You promised me you never would! You weren't there when I needed you most!” Yelling at him, you didn't care how weak you sounded, or if your sister woke up, or the tears that found their way down your face. “All I ever was to you was a victim you could stalk and soon take! All you ever did was deceive me and make me trust you, so you could kill me later on!” A moment of silence pasted before you finished. “You never thought, or cared on how it would hurt me in the end, damn you! You.. you were the only friend I ever had in life and you just left me... I fucking hate you!” Silently he took a step back, as you took one forward, the roles now in reverse, until he was up against the wall. “And when you did come back, you came back for my little sister!”  As shameful as it felt to admit it, you were a little jealous that he took your sister in his return instead of you. But what more could you expect from a cold, heartless monster.. and you weren't a child anymore.

Feeling something painful inside him happen as he looked down at you tear-streamed, determined face, the image of you when you were younger flashed through his mind. When you were younger and he was going to leave, he had promised he would be back, and you started to cry but kept a strong face so he wouldn't find you weak. Humans were so amusing. Slowly leaning his head towards yours, the fabric over his mouth ripped and the sound echoed through out the hall until his mouth was visible. He almost wanted to chuckle when you flinched as his hand reached up to your face and brushed against your cheek. Feeling his glove brush against your cold face, you jerked away, only to be pulled closer as his arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you snug against his body. Letting out a silent chuckle against your ear, he could feel your heart starting pounding against your chest as if it were trying to breaking free. Cupping your cheek fully, he spoke into your ear. “But, I did not come back for your sister..”

Your eyes widened at his words and you didn't even have time to speak before some soft gently pushed against your lips. So many emotions swam through your veins as his lips moved against yours, coaxing yours to following their lead. And as if your body was moving on it's own, your small hands – compared to his body – hesitantly traveled up up his upper body to his chest and griped the jacket of his suit tightly. Only when his gloved hand started to run itself through your hair, you started to kiss him back, applying a bit of pressure to it. Feeling something slither up your leg, you groaned and moved your leg trying to make it go away, but it kept coming. Once it finally got to it's designated spot, a whack filled the air and you yelped as it smacked against your behind. Taking advantage of your now open mouth, a forked appendage invaded this new territory, causing you to lightly moan as it brushed against yours. A small smirk twitched at the beings mouth, as his sensitive ears picked up on your sign of pleasure.

The tendril twisted its self around your thigh, followed by another one on your twin. As they tightened without hurting you, you felt your self being lifted into the air and your self being brought forward. Your legs automatically wrapped around the slender being, and his thick tentacles stayed around your thighs to help hold you. Taking a step forward, blindly walking towards your bed room, his forked tongue wrapped it's self around yours and gently pulled on it. This action sparked a little something you, causing you to groan and lightly buck against him. Quickly taking his tongue between your lips, you gently scraped your teeth along the slick appendage and sucked on it, causing him to quietly groan. His hand reached out, grabbing the door knob, twisting it and wasting no time in pushing it open and entering.

Gripping his jacket tighter, you whimpered helplessly as he nibbled on your tongue, then you bottom lip, making his way towards your bed. Only after shutting the door. The tendrils slipping free, he unwilling broke away from the kiss and a trail of saliva connected you two. Out of no where, deciding to be a tease, you reached up a finger to catch the string and stuck it in your mouth, lightly sucking your finger as you pulled it out. His mouth formed into a smirk at your now flushed cheeks, as he laid you down on the bed. Your cheeks turned brighter, as you spread yourself out on the bed like a sacrifice. Swallowing hard, he felt himself growing uncomfortable down in his pants as you looked up at him with such innocent eyes.

Bending over your small body, he lifted his hand to your forehead and starting there, he trailed the tip of his finger down until the reached the hem of your shirt. Already, from little as he had done, you wiggled feeling your core start to get hot. Biting your lip, you watched as his finger slipped up under your shirt and started to slide up your belly, taking your shirt with it. Putting your arms up, you made it easier for the shirt to slide off. Letting out a soft sigh, his silk like lips pressed them selves on the exposed skin, of your breast from your bra. Your back arched up to meet them more, as your hands started to undo his tie.

His tip of his tongue traced along the edge of your bra, tickling the skin, as his hand sneaked behind your back to unhook your bra. Hearing the snap of your bra being undone, you gasped and covered your ample breast with your arms. Hearing a small chuckle, you felt soft   , long tentacles wrap around your arm and gently pry them away. Feeling your self inwardly groan, he licked his lips as he stared down at your bare hills. He quickly dipped his head down and parted his mouth, blowing cold air across your nipples, watching as they harden. Squeezing your thighs together, rubbing them, you tried to apply pressure your covered clit  to find a source of pleasure.

Harshly taking your sensative bud into his mouth, he clenched the bed sheet as he grew impatient with his own foreplay. Running his forked tongue in circles of your bud, he then took it between his teeth and rolled it. Seeing as you rid of his tie a bit ago, and slid off his jacket, you started to fumble with the buttons of his shirt hastily. His tendrils also busied them selves with ridding you of your jeans, as you helped by wiggling out of them. Finishing with his white shirt, your slide if off him and threw it aside, though while sliding his arms out of it, he acidentaly bit down to hard on your hard bud, causing you to scream and buck against him roughing.

He growled and sat up, straddling your body that was only clothed in undies, he started to slide off his gloves. Looking up at him, your eyes scanned over his god-like body, watching the muscled in his abs ripple with every movement he made. Reaching up your hands, you blindly started to undo his belt as you watched him take off his other glove and toss it away. Taking his finger, he stuck it close to his mouth and his tongue slipped out, sliding all around it to drench it in his saliva. After he was done, just as you unzipped his pants , he sighed in relief and brought his finger right above your lips.

Instantly they parted, your eyes stared straight at his finger as it moved towards your open lips. Opening them farther, you groaned a long with him as the finger slipped in and you gently suckled on it. You gently started to clench your core, humping against the air as you sucked. He exhaled harshly, not wanting to wait anymore, he ripped his finger out of your mouth and finished up on his pants. Throwing them away, you lifted your self up into a sitting position and a blushed covered your face as you scanned him over in his bare glory. Climbing back over you, he gently pushed your flat on your back, as his tentacles made work of your legs and wrapped them around his waist.

Taking your arms in his hands, he wrapped them around his neck, planting kisses up your arms, neck until he reached your lips. Hovering his lips over yours, you both laid there, chests heaving, cores pulsing and as his lips smashed into yours, he thrust all the way into you. You screamed out and it was swallowed by your lips, your nails dug into his back and he groaned, accidentally thrusting into you again. You screamed once more, tears started to leak down the corners of you eyes and his thumbs brushed them away. He was still as he could be, letting you adjust to his size and length. After you nodded your head, he pulled back out and thrust back in.

The sound of skin slapping against skin, silent screams, pleasureful moans filled and echoed throughout the room. Slick, sweat covered bodies, slid and smacked against each other as this deliciously sinful dance, was done beautifully. Moving across the bed with beautiful grace in their movements, your limbs tangled with his, your nails drug across his skin. His lips and tongue glided over yours, licking and kissing, occasionally nipping with his teeth in a way that would drive anyone insane. As his hand slid along you thigh, he lifted it and threw your leg over his shoulder, reaching and filling places that you believe should shoot you higher then cloud 9.

Screaming out what was assumed to be name, your nails dug into his back, breaking past delicate skin and drawing blood as he bit into your shoulder. Pounding into your sweet spot harsher, he could feel a spasm rack your body as your sweet cavern tightened around him. He started you rock in and out of you faster, knowing you were near your end and he was too. Grabbing your other thigh, he threw it over his shoulder too, and you threw your head back in in unbearable pleasure as he started at an inhuman pace.

Tightening your core around his member, he let out a husky growl of your name and you let out a scream with a laugh as you bucked against him, pushing him further as your juices splashed out over him. He bit down onto your shoulder, leaving a bruise as he released inside of you; the mixtures of both your cum running down your thighs and all over the bed. Instantly your head, that rose up from the bed, fell back down and with a sigh your eyes closed. Looking down at you, your glistening body in the moon light, a small smile tugged at his lips before he laid down beside you, pulling you close and pulling the covers over the both of you.
'My names (First Name) Loveboat.. where the rides are free-' //shot.

Well.. this was a request for: :iconxxxhidanaxxx: who asked for this shit A LONG time ago and I just now got this out! I feel so unreliable! ;n ; And it's so freaking long! P.S I COULD HAVE DONE BETTER. Maybe when I have more time I'll come in and do some things to it... :I

What have I done to Slendy!? I made him so.. soo... soft! I guess I just picture him as a 1920's man, so I guess I see him making somewhat gentle love. ;u ;

Ehehehe... Sort of..

I DO NOT own CreepyPasta or Slenderman.
I only own a few of you. c;
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